Diocesan Conventions

I’m off to diocesan convention, which, for us, is a three day affair.  I’m fully prepared with a supply of NYT crosswords and a fully charged laptop.  Perhaps I’ll be inspired to write some pithy blogs.  The best convention diversion in recent years was thanks to the generosity of someone who supplied us with Lego blocks, enough to get some competition going between parish delegations.  The theme that year was Building the New Church.  This year’s theme is Living the Scandalous Gospel.  That has given me ideas on so many possibilities, but I treasure my Church, my bishop and am not yet ready to be inhibited.  Besides, I have a reputation to maintain as a serious minded, dignified retired priest. 

2 thoughts on “Diocesan Conventions”

  1. Congratulations on being too prudent to really say anything too \”scandalous\”, to match this year\’s theme, and also for having the patience to do the notoriously difficult New York Times crossword puzzles! People expect me to like working word puzzles, since language is my profession (!), but I lack the patience, since the clues are deliberately ambiguous and vague, from the puzzlemaster Will Shortz. I also do not enjoy the game of Scrabble, or the game of chess, which requires one to think ahead several moves! But I do think that Patience is one of the Cardinal Virtues; I just don\’t have it! (I am also lousy at Poker, since anyone can \”read\” my hand from my face!)

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