Hot News from NYC

I’m in NYC for a few days, right in the heart of the Wall Street meltdown, so let me tell you what I have found to be the most important news of the day.  My granddaughters are big into soccer and rock climbing.  One of them is running for class president, and her sister is her campaign manager.  The dogs had fleas but all is OK now.  Our daughter is happily over extended in all the ways a mom can be, including her job as a college administrator, and our son-in-law is up to his neck in banking reorganizations.  And that’s all the news that’s fit to print from NYC.  Is there anything more important?

2 thoughts on “Hot News from NYC”

  1. yes, did the sun come up, is the sky still in its place, does the laughter of the grandchildren still provide unmeasurable joy? all the gifts,, what joy,

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