Seattle by the Sea

At the moment we are in Seattle and have spent quite a bit of time down by the waterfront, riding on the ferry to and from Bainbridge, and just messing around.  I’m not sure what it is about boats and ships, but put me on a boat of any kind and I’m happy.  They bring back memories of the sailboats I owned and loved in my youth.  The big floating barge like hotels loading up passengers for their seven day cruises do not count.  But the smaller passenger liners docked nearby that really do look like ships call to me from somewhere deep inside.  I really don’t care much where they are going, I would just like to be on one sitting in my deck chair having the steward bring me my very hot, strong cup of tea.  I think the problem is that I read too many sea stories and naval histories when I was young, and they warped my psyche.  Maybe it’s a good thing that we live in a valley surrounded by small mountains and high desert.  Otherwise who knows what fool thing I could get myself into. 

2 thoughts on “Seattle by the Sea”

  1. Well, the seaside stuff is magical in some way. Lazy days of summer retirement now add even more to that mythical magic and the desire for slowing the pace of our lives. Take heart, cap\’n, your mate enjoys the water more and more these days:)xoxo

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