I Can Deal with the Doctrine of Atonement, But What About Facebook?

I am falling behind the times faster than I thought.  It seems that all my children, nephews and nieces, all adults, are on Facebook.  But that’s not all!  So is my wife, my banker, and Barak Obama.  And they’ve all got these lists of friends.  I wonder if my nephews and nieces think it’s odd to be “friends” with “Old Auntie D?”  What do I have?  A half dozen theology nuts, a guy named Geezer and a few others who sometimes leave anonymous comments.  Obviously there is something I’m missing here, but the odd thing is, I don’t really care very much, and that bothers me too.  Isn’t this something I should care about?  I wonder if Martin Marty is on Facebook.  If he is that may be just the thing that tips me into it, or onto it, or whatever you call it. 

7 thoughts on “I Can Deal with the Doctrine of Atonement, But What About Facebook?”

  1. What the Sister said. A couple of \”real live\” friends of mine suggested I open a facebook account.\”Why?\”\”So you can keep in touch with people.\”\”First, you two ARE my people; and second, if other people want to keep in touch with me, we\’ve got each other\’s e-mail address and they read my blog.\”I DO NOT NEED yet another program to keep updated.

  2. Well, even I have a facebook account! Your post prompted me to check it. I don\’t remember when I checked it last. Upon checking, I am reminded why I don\’t spend much time at Facebook. I don\’t think it is very important to me that one of my three friends \”just beat their personal best in Scramble!\”In the world of physical hugs and handshakes I have a few more than three friends. Indeed, just two days ago I shared my fortunate situation of having at least 10 friends on whom I could depend for support any time and any place. Those friends are in addition to my loving family, near and far.Enjoy those \”handshake and hug\” people and those \”blogfolk.\” Facebook may be fine, but I expect you are fine without it.I\’m pleased to be your \”Geezer\” friend, with or without facebook.Geezer D

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