The Psalmist and the President

No doubt you have already heard that we are in a presidential election year.  It happens every four years, and in spite of anti-doping initiatives, we have been known to nominate and elect them anyway.  What if we raised our standards a bit?  What should we expect out of our next president?

Why not look to scripture for guidance, and, just to keep it simple, let’s turn to Psalm 72.  From the psalmist’s prayer we might expect a next president to:

Judge people with righteousness and the poor with justice.

Offer economic policies that will yield prosperity for all.

Defend the cause of the poor, deliver the needy, and be the help of those who have no help.

Defeat those who oppress others.

Be an agent of abounding peace in whose sight the blood of our people will be precious.

As our representative to the world, become a symbol of great respect and honor.

Perhaps that’s too much to expect, but it’s not too much to pray for.

2 thoughts on “The Psalmist and the President”

  1. Some might suggest Psalm 72\’s words are nice but in this day and age probably not realistic. I would have a tendency to side with P72 and with you on this occasion:)

  2. i agree with SS…and one other thought that came to mind was how easy we the (Christian) people pick and choose what we like out of scripture (your recent post on leviticus is a great example). i found myself wondering if the current administration would say that the interminable war we are in would come under the category of attempting to \”defeat those who oppress others.\”

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