A Peachy Thought

It’s time for a little home town type bragging.  It goes without saying that our valley produces the finest wines in the world.  No one disputes that. I say this, of course, with all due humility.  But now, this very week, the season of peaches has arrived.  In all my years of living in Minnesota and the NYC area I had heard of really good fresh peaches but never tasted one.   What was sold as a peach in the stores was a mealy, almost tasteless, orangish colored blob.  What we get, inexpensively, out of local orchards is the most heavenly fruit God put on earth.  I have no doubt that it is exactly what tempted Adam and Eve.  Softly firm and juicy, both sweet and peachy tart at the same time, the local peaches are beyond wonderful.  It’s true that our valley also produces cherries, strawberries, apricots, pears and apples of exquisite quality, but the peaches, oh the peaches.  

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