Endorsed by John Hagee

You recall that not long ago there was a nation-wide outcry fueled by a media feeding frenzy over the intemperate words of the Rev. Wright.  What I want to know is this; where is the nation-wide outcry fueled by a media feeding frenzy over Sen. McCain’s latest endorser, the Rev. John Hagee whose hate filled, bigoted preaching that is his his stock in trade is broadcast daily all across the country?  I think I have a partial answer, but I would much prefer to hear yours before suggesting mine.

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  1. Now people, I\”m reasonably certain that you know about both Rev. Wright, who took center place in the news again this weekend, and Rev. Hagee, who is on national television every single day of the week. So I ask again; Why is Wright an issue and Hagee isn\’t? The answers could be one\’s we don\’t especially want to hear, but I would like to hear yours.

  2. Perhaps the media are too consumed by the spectacle of the Democrats shooting from a firing squad in a circular arrangement. The Democrats seem intent on destroying their colleagues. The Republicans are focused on defeating a candidate from another party.Perhaps it\’s OK to air the Clinton/Obama squabble as internal to one party.Since McCain is the presumed candidate of the Republican Party, exposition of a radical supporter might be too partisan. Or, it may that the Democrats are so focused on each other that they haven\’t exposed the Hagee issue.I have seen the clips of Wright. I\’ve not heard of Hagee, nor have I seen any clips.Perhaps Hagee is regarded like Limbaugh. He is so ludicrous that he doesn\’t get much time on the news.Hmm. I guess I don\’t have a strong opinion, but I did want to respond to your plea for a response.D

  3. I would agree that Hagee is a lot like Limbaugh in his \”hate\” talk – regrettably, we know many people who admire Limbaugh and find his talk untainted.I too had seen Wright\’s clips and was pleased to hear NPR (last week, some time – how\’s that for defining the source?) broadcast the before and after segments of Wright\’s sermon when he asked God to damn America. In context his words made sense as he was running through Prophet Amos\’ rules to live by and because we Americans ignore God\’s words about how to treat the poor, our enemies etc. he cried out that God (should) damn America for its seeming unawareness of those around them suffering. My sense of uncomfortable feelings about Wright\’s delivery of sermons was eased when placed in the appropriate context. Regrettably, we do live our lives and often make decisions based upon sound bites!Great post – it would be nice to hear additional comments on the subject. Liked gdude\’s description of the \”circular arrangement.\” I hope they haven\’t wounded each other beyond repair!

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