Social LIfe Begins After Retirement

Our social calendar has gone nuts.  In years gone by people would often commiserate with how busy our lives must be with invitations galore to households and events all over town.  Not true.  Maybe it was once, and maybe it still is for some pastors, but not for us.  Our social calendar was pretty skimpy and devoted almost exclusively to church related things or the few community organizations with which we were (and are) involved.  I’m not sure what retirement has to do with all this, but we have never been so busy. Lunches and dinners with friends, community events of all kinds, and, in our valley, dinners hosted by wineries – it has our calendar more than full.  Maybe it has something to do with not being someone’s pastor any more that makes it possible for a healthier and fuller friendship to blossom.   I have to say that we are enjoying it quite a bit, even going out on (gasp!) Saturday nights.   We’re even daring to do the unthinkable such as going out of town over a weekend.  I imagine that there is a theological point in here somewhere, and if you find it, let me know. 

3 thoughts on “Social LIfe Begins After Retirement”

  1. If it\’s any reassurance, your story is the same one I\’ve heard from MANY retired folks, i.e., they are far busier after retirement than before. All this \”busy-ness\” often surprises recent retirees, but the good news is that it\’s now much more discretionary. I find it amusing how people who are still working full time assume that retired people are no longer as busy as they once were, and I am quick to correct that misconception! You\’ll soon decide how much activity is fun/fulfilling and how much is too much. However your choices evolve, here\’s wishing you much joy in this new phase of your life.–Marilyn

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