Things I learn at Grace

Grace Episcopal is a tiny church in a town of less than 3,000. Average Sunday attendance waffles between 10 and 15. Along with several other priests, I’ve been serving there once a month or so for the last eight years, but now, in my brand new retirement, I’m there on a pretty regular basis. Here are some things I’m learning:

  • Liturgy does not always have to be planned more than a day ahead (but it helps)
  • Each has a gift to contribute that together make up a full ministry for all to each
  • You don’t have to like everyone today in order to love everyone today
  • There are no secrets and not much privacy
  • Sermons are OK but conversation is better

More on what I learn at Grace as time goes by.

3 thoughts on “Things I learn at Grace”

  1. Grace teaches me also…with very a very small congregation, and little nudging toward outreach – they have a food pantry box, MDG (Millenium Development Goal) pamphlets, ERD (Episcopal Relief and Development) literature, a closet for clean, pressed still-good clothes to be given away in their community, a street sale (that they established) that takes in a whole huge block with money being contributed to local charity, they sponsored a seminary student for a year, and the list of things that they do quietly and efficiently for each others and \”outsiders\” is lengthy. They are NOT perfect people but they are working at loving their neighbors…..

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