Let the Conversation Begin

I know there are a number of regular readers out there because you send me e-mails from time-to-time, or talk with me about the subject of one post or another when we see each other. But part of the joy of blogging is to generate conversation in which we can all share through the comments function. I hope you will consider doing that, and if some reasonably incompetent advice on how to do that would help, just drop me a line.

3 thoughts on “Let the Conversation Begin”

  1. Ooh! Ooh! I think I have a gift for providing \”reasonably incompetent advice.\” However, every time I provide it, something goes wrong! 😉 Dude

  2. cp–just want you to know i am reading (doing a little catching up these days)…your posts are so very well thought out, they often feel more like musings to yourself rather than invitations to conversation. my brain has a hard time knowing where to step in…i guess, i could be like geezer dude and offer \”reasonably incompetent advice\”, but advice giving has never proved very productive for me or those i love, so sometimes i may just need to tell you that i am reading and listening. hope that\’s o.k. 🙂 and by all means, please keep writing!!!xoxoxoxoox

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