Retirement Enigma

As I get within a couple of months of retirement I find myself in the awkward position of becoming more of a consultant than a player in planning for the year and years ahead. That’s added to the odd sense that I would like this somewhat uncomfortable time to come to an end more quickly while not wanting it to pass too fast. I wonder if it would be possible to transfer these months to right after I retire rather than using them up now. We do that with Saint’s days all the time.

1 thought on “Retirement Enigma”

  1. I find myself embracing retirement with greater pleasure as time passes. I still operate as a consultant, but that was the role I chose with enthusiasm many years ago. I have enjoyed to ability to turn the intensity up or down in the role of consultant. Perhaps similar opportunities will develop for you.Many of us lament that we have few choices and are bound to some kind of style of life that seems less than ideal. I\’ve found some similar anguish about what to choose now that choices abound. However, I greatly prefer the anguish over having abundant choices! D

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