Goodbye Sweet Summer

Summer has finally left. I’m always reluctant to say goodbye to it, but there is snow in the mountains, last night was our first freeze down here in the valley, and the trees are giving up their leaves, so I guess that summer really has gone. It is not easy for me. Fall and winter have always been times of endurance and symbols of sadness. All Saints, Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas are times of joyful celebration, and I celebrate joyfully with all the rest, but by the end of January I find myself in great need of warm sunshine, blue skies and outdoor living. Thankfully, spring comes early to our valley. By the end of February there will be new growth showing in the garden, and with a certain eager anticipation I will await the too slow return of green leaves on trees. Winter, like New York City, is something to be tolerated in good humor, even enjoyed a bit, but I don’t have to love it.

8 thoughts on “Goodbye Sweet Summer”

  1. I can totally sympathise with your winteric predicament. I suffer from seasonal affective disorder (as it sounds like you do, too). Here in Australia we are just heading into spring and summer, and I dread winter\’s return. I\’ve always thought it must be nice having Christmas in the emiddle of winter, to have something to focus on.

  2. Thank you Sue. It\’s good to hear from a fellow traveler through the seasons. And Happy Springtime to you. As for Christmas in the sun, we have sometimes been amused at Christmas in Honolulu, where some of our family live, with stores decorated in fake snow and warmly dressed Santas.

  3. Well CP, I was feeling little sympathy for you and your commenters – it\’s only a little colder, the sun is still shining, oh what\’s the big deal anyway? Well a little skepticism usually gets a good come-uppance. Mine was the simple fact I was wearing too light a jacket for the evening out last night and I had to worry if the newly created construction zone surrounding Symphony Hall was smooth and free of stumbling blocks as the evening was dead, dead dark by 7:00 p.m. – the darkness is worse than the cold. So, o.k., o.k, \”Goodbye Sweet Summer\” is here!

  4. you might enjoy reading abbey of the arts during this season. she is quite fond of fall and winter and i know last year and already this year, her words have helped me gain a new appreciation for this time of year.

  5. The weather and daylight in Bellville would provide a good respite from the rigors of more northern latitudes. October through May often bring some really nice days.It\’s pretty quiet here, but sometimes sitting on the porch and listening to the quiet can be pretty nice. The Geezer Dude

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