The Case Against Christ

I ran across a blog the other day that was dedicated to building a case against Christianity. The writer was not endorsing some other religion in its place. As far as I could tell he was interested only in exposing Christianity as a myth of gigantic proportions with little or no historical substance to back it up. I wonder what is so important to him about Jesus that he would dedicate a substantial portion of his time and energy to him? I was reminded of a few self-proclaimed atheists I’ve met who are obsessed with the idea that God does not exist and are therefore obsessed with God himself. God as become the center point of their lives and haunts their daily thoughts. Likewise the crafter of the case against Christ. It could be that he is far closer to Christ than most Christians. At least Jesus is important enough to him for him to engage with him on a daily basis. I fear that the average Christian has very little concern for Christ, seldom thinks about him, rarely studies what he taught, and makes little effort to follow as a disciple where he led. I imagine that God is far happier with those who for whom he is so important that they will dare to question his existence than with those who trivialize him by a faith lacking substance.

4 thoughts on “The Case Against Christ”

  1. Hi Lucy, do you question God\’s existence or do you question where He/She might be found in the midst of a Sunday a.m. church gathering – or do you question both? You don\’t seem to be Godless in any outward symbols….but has organized (you know it\’s totally unorganized!) religion let you down?

  2. well, i had a relatively long response written and then my computer suddenly crashed. hmmm.what i read into the post was that it is o.k. to ask the questions even if some (the more dogmatic voices 🙂 might consider the questions to be a crisis of faith or even blasphemous.i do not question God\’s existence at all. the questions seem to be more around what that existence looks like or doesn\’t look like.btw–am i speaking to ss or cp?? it\’s all so confusing?!?!?!

  3. Lucy, You were actually speaking to SS – sorry for the confusion…..sometimes just too lazy to fetch my own computer from upstairs:)BTW almost completed Brian McLaren\’s book, have enjoyed it very much – thanks – think CP might take a read at it next.

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