Bloggy Conversation

I had hopes that my occasional posts might result in genuine conversation with at least a few others. Now I think this is mainly an exercise in cataloging a few thoughts for my own future consideratiion. Now and then I’ve waded through a few dozen other blogs by clicking on the “next blog” button. Apart from the intruding porn sites, I’ve been impressed by family albums celebrating life together, bored by dreary diaries of dreary lives, frightened by the implied violence of hate poitics, but I have seldom come accross invitations to conversation. If blogging was a sport I think it would be called Ego Bumper Cars competing for the famous Hubris Cup. I may be able to make the semi-finals.

3 thoughts on “Bloggy Conversation”

  1. hmmm.. that sunrise sister is a tough has taken me a couple of years to develop \”conversation\” via blogging.pushing that \”next\” button is really kind of scary but also potential for great possibility.i prefer to peruse the comment section of a few trusted blogs and see who\’s in conversation there.i also seem to remember a certain parson saying something to the effect of \”i don\’t get this whole blogging thing…what\’s it for?\” any more clarity now??

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