The Gold of Summer

It’s mid-July here. The green fields of late winter through early summer have turned golden with the ripening of the wheat. If you drove into our valley today it might seem to you a dry and arid place, which in some ways it is. We are, after all, on the high intermountain plateau, and all around us are high deserts and the almost treeless hills of the Palouse. But that would only be a part of the truth. The mountain snows and big rivers provide the water needed to produce a land of rich fecundity. In these hot, dry and golden days we are sated with an over abundance of local peaches, plums, apricots, strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, sweet corn. Wheat harvest will be over by the end of August. Apples and pears won’t be far behind. With the planting of winter wheat the hills will begin to green up by November. The colors and textures of our fields, hills and mountains are in continuous change, and we never get tired of the great kaleidoscope of beauty that rotates through the seasons.

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