A Prayer for J.M.

I don’t believe that I have ever used this site to ask for prayers, but I do ask now, partly for personal reasons and partly because I think the matter is symbolic of a much broader condition in society.

An elderly and nearly indigent relative who has suffered chronic mental illness since early adulthood has recently had a stroke.  Her daughters have arrived in her city from great distances to help make arrangements, but options are limited.  Under medicare/medicaid there are conditions and restrictions that mean she may not be able to get the in-patient rehab the hospital recommends, may be forced to endure a 30 day rehab/nursing home stay that may well exacerbate her mental illness, and who is unlikely to find an affordable and appropriate assisted living venue, which is what she really needs. 

So what to pray for?  For her?  For her daughters?  For a society that treats mental illness like any other and does not let it become a life-long untreated torture test? 

In my own community, if you are an obvious threat to yourself or others we can get (force) you into a psyche facility.  Otherwise you are pretty much on your own.  Good help is available if you are willing, if you can afford it, if friends and family are both present and sophisticated enough to know how to work the system.

May it please God, whose beloved Son cast out demons that those who suffered might return to wholeness of mind  and their rightful place in society, bless, heal and give comfort to J.M. and her daughters.  And may it please God that we might be ever mindful of how we can become agents of his healing presence in the lives of those who so desperately need it. 

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